Alisha Star | Made In America

My name is Alisha Star and I am an aspiring model. I am mixed (White, Black, Native American, French, Scottish Irish and Asian. So I guess you can say I am from “all over”, but am 100% “ Made in America ” (born and raised in a small town). And Yessss..I am ALL NATURAL.

I was always the one to blend in and sit back; I guess you could say I was a follower not a leader. Now that I am 18yrs old, I’ve decided to find my voice. I feel I have something new to bring to the table. I love bright colors, cars, chocolate, and taking sexy photos. I am learning fast and practicing with photoshoots every chance I get.

I am now working on my getting my own website, and I will need your support and ideas, so stay tuned. For now, just sit back and enjoy my sexy photos and videos (behind the scenes) by clicking on the ACCESS BUTTON below. I know you like that...

Alisha Star